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A Dedicated Special Education Attorney in Melville, NY

My legal story begins with my time as an Assistant District Attorney, in the Bronx County District’s Attorney’s office, where I prosecuted a range of criminal cases. Following that, I was a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer standing up for the rights of those who were injured through the negligence of another.

My Personal Profile

My career as a special education attorney in Melville, NY, began unknowingly when my twins were born three months’ premature. During the first months of his life, my son was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia, which was followed by a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy when he was two. This eventually led my wife and me to our first Committee on Special Education (CSE) meeting.

An Eye-Opening Introduction

We had no idea what to expect at that meeting or how far we could push the school district on our son’s behalf. We learned at that time that the special education situation is slanted in favor of the board and that the most important decisions regarding our son were going to be made by a group of people who had never met him.

The explanations we heard were ridiculous and needed to be challenged. I fell back on my extensive trial experience and cross-examined the board’s psychologist. This proved effective and our son, Sam, received the additional services he needed. He was placed in a blended general education class and provided with an effective Individualized Education Plan.

I began to study educational law at that point and committed myself to learn everything I could in the area of school/special education law. As a parent and an attorney I approach an issue with a broad scope. I feel that the school board can always provide more for student, but as a lawyer for children, I realize that the key to victory in negotiations lies in knowing what the law deems appropriate.

How I Can Help You

I believe that it’s always preferable to settle any dispute over a child’s education through amicable negotiations with the school district before resorting to a hearing in front of an Impartial Hearing Officer. It is crucial to build a solid case to maximize your success if you have a hearing. It is also vital to have an attorney by your side who will provide the right advice and is fully prepared to fight for the rights of your child.

When I work as your counselor, I will learn about your child, their needs, and your goals for them. I can fully understand your frustration with the process because I’ve been there, and I will advocate for the full amount of services your child needs. I will remain current in all areas of this law since Sam has several years remaining in the public education system. I will also teach you to become a very effective advocate for your child.

Contact me to learn more about how I can assist your family in the struggle for educational fairness for your child. I am proud to work with families in Melville, NY, and the surrounding area.

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